Power Engineering

Power Engineering with HQ in Brno have been working on research, development and production of special power electronic devices, especially supply sources for Czech Railways and public transport.

ELCOM DAE BuildingUsually sources are designed according to customer's demands and requirements. We have experiences with delivering of sources for laboratories or for applications working at non-standard supplying network (e.g. 60Hz). Into another chapter belong DC pulse sources designed for e.g. galvanization with high regulation accuracy. Generally we can deliver any source using any input voltage and frequency with any voltage, number of phases and frequency on the output side in the power range from 0.1 kVA to more than 1000 kVA.

Electrical Engineering based in Brno and Ostrava specializes in turnkey delivery of compensations and substations for low and medium voltage systems.

We offer extensive experience in analysing supply networks, measurements for operation's optimalization and EMC. We undertake the project planning and designing, coordination of constructions, and specialized electrical work on all voltage levels with highly qualified assembly workers. We can provide all kinds of supervision as well as commissioning, complex and final waranty tests especially in water supply, metallurgy, heavy machinery and glass industry. We offer the same services for industries with explosion hazard envirionment, such as refineries, chemical plants and crude oil transport.

Drives with HQ in Prague is specialized workplace for delivering of electromotors and whole drives, mainly in explosion-proof design. In this branch we are accredited dealer for Czech Republic of LOHER. To other activities belongs delivering of ABB frequency converters up to 20 MW.

It offers very fast delivering of standby motors in case of breakdown from European storeroom database. In cooperation with other divisions of our company is possible to deliver drives on „turn key basis“, i.e. with design project, distribution devices, implementation into control and visualization technology system, and verification of effects to the supply network according to all standards.