Company Overview

historie-elcom-a-s-ovalThe ELCOM Company was incorporated in 1990 as a limited liability company by its founders Ing. Jiří Holoubek and Ing. Vladimír Korenc. The original aim of both engineers was to establish an Engineering and Consulting Centre in the power electrical engineering industry, specialising in reactive power compensation, electromagnetic compatibility and energy consumption optimisation. A very strong demand for high-quality services and especially products from this industry created a solid base for the gradual expansion of the Company into other areas.

In 2002, the Company’s activities extended into the field of AC controlled drives and special electromotors. In addition, in the same year, the Company started providing its own power installations and launched its own workshop manufacturing on the premises leased by MEZ Nedvědice. On year later, a design office was established in the newly opened branch in Ostrava. At that time, the Company had already covered four places in the Czech Republic: Prague, Brno, Ostrava, and Nedvědice. The number of staff and the Company’s turnover multiplied every year. In 1996, the original limited liability company was transformed into a joint-stock company.

A very successful project of the BK500 Power Network Analyser opened doors to cooperation with the Department of Measurements at the Technical University of Ostrava. In 1997, this cooperation resulted in establishing the important Virtual Instrumentation Division, where the BK project has been successfully developing until now.

In 1998, a production facility in the town of Bystřice nad Pernštejnem was purchased, and subsequently all power engineering production of the Company was transferred there.

In 2000, the structure of the corporation became settled on the level of five divisions employing approximately 150 staff members.