Integrated Policy

The joint-stock company ELCOM, a.s. was incorporated and has been developed as a company offering highly specialised services in the sphere of power engineering, measurement devices, and industrial automation, based on the high level of expertise and qualifications of its staff members. The Company adheres to the following:


To provide the customer with comprehensive services consisting of:

  • An analysis of customer needs performed in a responsible manner and its understandable interpretation to the customer;
  • High-quality preparation of the project or technical solution design;
  • Development or design activities using state-of-the-art technologies;
  • Perfect workmanship of components and complete systems, including their professional on-site installation;
  • Commissioning associated with demonstrating the guaranteed parameters;
  • Reliable and fast warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Fast and transparent delivery of the work, contract or business case;
  • Cooperation of its Divisions on individual contracts (using expertise and experience);
  • Readiness to defend the customer’s interests against third parties, making use of our own expertise;
  • Delivery of equipment and products complying with the relevant legal and technical regulations.


To manufacture and deliver products and services with minimum environmental impact:

  • Through effective use of natural resources or possibly their re-use;
  • Through using more environment-friendly resources and materials;
  • Through operating its facilities in compliance with environmental protection, gradually replacing inadequate devices and technologies with new ones;
  • Through taking account of the prevention of environmental pollution;
  • Through raising of environmental awareness among the Company’s staff;
  • Through rigorous compliance with the law and other regulations and requirements.


To be an attractive employer in relation to its own staff, mainly by providing:

  • Very good social facilities,
  • Adequate pay conditions;
  • Technical facilities of individual workplaces;
  • The possibility of continuous skills and expertise improvement;
  • Access to state-of-the-art technical information and technologies.


In the area of occupational safety and health protection, the Company undertakes as follows:

  • To comply with the applicable legal and other requirements in the field of occupational safety and health protection;
  • By means of prevention, to avoid accidents, near accidents, and situations whose consequences may have a negative impact on the employees’ health;
  • To maintain and continuously improve the quality management systems, environment management systems, and occupational safety and health protection systems, ensuring the high quality of products, more efficient use of resources, and reducing negative impacts on the environment and promoting occupational safety.

Valid from 27 June 2019