Date: 2016-01-26

ELCOM, your partner in electrical engineering – past and present

We would like to introduce the joint-stock company ELCOM – a leading company providing highly specialised services in the field of power engineering, measuring instrumentation and industrial automation.
ELCOM is based in Central Europe in the Czech Republic, which is part of the European Union.
The Czech Republic, with its capital in Prague, is technologically-speaking a highly advanced country with a rich cultural and industrial tradition.
And Prague is where ELCOM´s head office is located.
The company is currently divided into 5 divisions: The Applied Electronics Division is based in Brno,
The Electrical Engineering Division is based in Brno and Ostrava, The Virtual Instrumentation Division is based in the Technical Research Park in Ostrava, The Manufacturing Division in based in the Technology Park in Bystřic nad Pernštejnem and The Drives Division is based in Prague.
ELCOM regularly participates in various international trade fairs, where it presents its innovating skills.
ELCOM is an active member of various associations and unions.
The company’s engineer, Mr Holoubek, is the President of the Electrical and Electronic Association of the Czech Republic and a member of the Board of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.
ELCOM also has overseas offices in places with great investment and technical development.
ELCOM – Your partner in electrical engineering for over 25 years.