Motors for Low Temperatures

Motors for Permanent Extremely Low Temperatures:

  • Chemical industry
  • Chemical materials transport
  • Oil rigs
  • Polar Regions
  • Standard
  • EEx de IIC T4 according to EN 50014, 50018, 50019
Advantages: Reliability in very low ambient temperatures without any auxiliary heating up to - 55 °C/-67 °F. Initial and energy savings for auxiliary heating
Permanent Run: - 55 °C/-67 °F up to +40 °C/104 °F
Axial Height: 971 ÷ 315 mm
Power Range: 0.25 ÷ 200 kW
Voltage: 400 / 690 V, includes design with supply from frequency converter
Coverage: IP55
Construction Shape: Optional
Windings: Standard or with pole-changing
Isolation Class: F
Construction Design: Materials selection for ambient temperatures up to - 55 °C/-67 °F
Warning: Motor ventilator must not be blocked by ice or snow