Hybrid Reactive Power Controller STELCOM-H®

An introduction

Distribution system with their existing regulation was originally proposed for conventional power distribution from the defined resources to the consumers. In recent years, with a massive increase deployment of multiple sources of electrical energy generated problems with voltage regulation in distribution networks. The distribution system is beginning to rebuild, from the classic to the Smart Grids (smart grid), which can deal with distributed generation, accumulation and consumption of electricity. In order to accelerate the onset of Smart Grids push even Czech legislation, such as that from July 2012 to penalize begins to wean a photovoltaic power plants that do not meet the criteria for control of active and reactive power. As an adequate response to the possibility to use modern power electronic devices STELCOM-h, which can be considered as one of the first power element Smart Grids.

The principle of the hybrid controller

Stelcom-h combines active and passive generation of reactive power. In essence, it is a current source, supplying the network size such reactive current to be achieved desired power factor. Current generation is basically ensured controlling a voltage source connected across the inductance in the network. The controller is a standard three-phase. If necessary, it can be modified on-phase. The controller labeled STELCOM-h is a hybrid, that is accompanied by compensation capacitors and inductors dekompenzačními switched gradually. Electronic drive generates only the necessary power so as to maintain the momentum and flow control.

Possible methods of regulation

  • to a fixed value of the specified power factor cos φ
  • the power factor cos φ = f (P)
  • the given value of reactive power
  • the voltage setpoint
  • the characteristic Q (U)

STELCOM-h is sized according to the power transformer for connecting photovoltaic power plants to the grid. The controller also has a provision for decompensation unwanted capacitive performance at low active power FVE. The default is made in power for transformers 100, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 630, 800, 1000, 1250 and 1600 kVA.