Stepwise Connected HV Compensation

We offer:

  • We cabinet switchboards for networks 6 kV and 10 kV, which are designed for central or individual compensation.
  • The valves are manufactured in two versions, as not paid and paid. Design is not reimbursed with or without choke coils. Factor payment for compensation is paid 5, 7, 8 and 13 %.
  • Compensation stage can be produced with any power in the range of approximately 100-1500 kvar typical example grades are 200, 400 and 800 kvar. The individual steps may need to be prepared to compensation switchboards of performance to several Mvar.

Description of technical solutions:

  • Non-reimbursed compensation is suitable for networks with a small installed capacity of non-linear loads. Before capacitors is included in the three-phase air choke to limit the inrush current (50-100 μH) or design without ballast.
  • Walled compensation is designed for networks with high installed power nonlinear loads. Before capacitors is included in the three-phase choke with iron core (with a damping factor of 5-8 %).
  • Lead-field compensation MV switchgear is equipped with surge arresters and busbars for connection cables.
  • Switching element in the compensation section contactor ABB SACE with fuse base. Optionally, you can perform without switching element only fuses with the main power switch is located in the parent MV switchgear, the degree to which attached.
  • They used three-phase capacitors VISHAY, pressurized lock on the container, the internal fuses of individual coils and discharge resistors in the tank capacitor. To protect against switching surges can be between contactor and capacitor installed RC member.
  • Paid compensation section is used for three-phase choke with iron core and high linearity of the magnetic circuit, produced by the renowned German company Mangoldt. Choke is equipped with a temperature sensor in the windings.
  • The components are installed in a special rugged housing that is equipped with reinforced locks as a limit switch on the door. Paid compensation is also equipped with thermostats, fan and heating for any location under a shelter. Standardized enclosure dimensions are 800 x 2200 x 1500 mm (W x D x H).
  • Non-reimbursed compensation is placed in one housing type and level paid is based on two cabinets. Simple box (with a power field) can be used for individual compensation of large asynchronous motors (approximately outputs of 500-3000 kW).
  • For multistage compensation can supply a separate enclosure for control and monitoring of compensation mounted microprocessor controller power factor, with possible links to higher level management. Option on the touch screen to signal conditions, disorders and measurement or control, etc.

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