Compensation Switchboards for Industrial Networks

We are offering fully automatic devices for reactive power compensation in industrial network with rated voltage up to 1000 V (if need we undertake also electromagnetic interference elimination).

Technical Data:
Industrial network: 3PEN ~50 Hz, 400 V/TN-C or 3 ~ 50 Hz, 690 V/IT
Coverage: Up to IP65/20
Secondary current: 1 A or 5 A
Environment temperature: -10 °C to +40 °C
Installed power: Up to 960 kvar


Compensation power is controlled by six or twelve stepwise microprocessor reactive power regulator Redwave ELCOM, that allows optimal adjustment and using of single compensation steps for a particular operation. Regulator indicates instantaneous value of power factor and presently connected sections. In another mode it shows currents flowing in different sections, numbers of sections connections and more other adjustable parameters. Compensation power of each section can be from 5 kvar up to 60 kvar.

Capacitors do not contain any toxic materials; they are self-healing with inner overpressure stopper (made by VISHAY Roederstein).

We are using modern contactors with so called "resistance connecting" specially designed for capacitive currents and for application with fast reactive power changes (made by KLÖKNER MÖLLER, BENEDICT) allow also faster capacitors discharging.

Sections are protected with power fuses in a fuse-disconnector.

As an input connecting component is according to customer's need installed circuit breaker, fuse-disconnector with power fuses of disconnector.

For industrial networks with load that are producing higher harmonics are section complemented with protective inductors that are protection capacitors against over-currents and then supply network against possible resonations. Protective inductors produced by our Division for Production are designed to fulfill all Czech and European technical standards.

Extremely high levels of EMI (produced e.g. from by phase controlled electro-thermal loads) can be eliminated with compensation filters, that are parts of protected compensation switchboards. It acts as a simple serial LC circuit with high current rating, that compensation power is supplemented by compensation power of connected sections.

Compensation switchboards, with or without coverage with compensation filters are delivered by our company for particular technical applications. Before the designing process, we firstly analyze the present network.

After starting such a new device, we make all the tests and guarantee measurements for ensuring that the device operates well.