Project Realization and Coordination

We offer the following services:

  • Purchase and delivery of electrical equipment and components of electrical installations.
  • Delivery and reconstruction of the test rooms for electrical machines and apparatus. Customer turnkey solutions in cooperation with other divisions of the ELCOM, Inc.
  • Ensuring all of design and engineering activities during project realization.
  • Discussion of authorization documents, statements and permissions required for the initiation and completion of projects.
  • Funding economically challenging projects.
  • Provision and coordination of design and construction works, optimization of other professions in the supply and installation of technologies.
  • Preparation of project documentation in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and standards.
  • Project documentation created in Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, MS Project, drawings and electrical diagrams in AutoCAD and Eplan Electric P8.
  • Customer's documentation in printed and electronic form.
  • Project documentation processed in different languages ​​- English, German and Russian.
  • Ensuring author and technical supervision at the construction site.
  • Development of schedules for individual and complex testing.
  • Realization of test operation, execution of comprehensive and guarantee tests for industrial electrical networks, particularly in the water treatment industry, metallurgy and glass industry.

Electrical Engineering division

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