Electrical installations (LV and MV)

We offer the following services:

  • Electrical works by qualified personnel.
  • Power equipment and installation of low voltage and medium voltage (6-36 kV) in non-hazardous areas and with potentially explosive atmospheres E1/A and E1/B (see certification).
  • Electrical installations for industrial and commercial buildings, transformer stations and substations.
  • Installation of power industrial distribution and equipment with emphasis on ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (e.g. converters, electric drives, test rooms of electrical machines and apparatus, etc.).
  • Installation of distribution equipment manufactured by ELCOM, Inc. (Manufacturing division) or products of other suppliers.
  • Installation according to ELCOM, Inc. projects or according to documentation of other engineering companies.
  • Usage of modern technologies for jointing and termination of power conductors and cables.
  • Author and technical supervision of the construction, commissioning works, acceptance preparation.
  • Revisions, commissioning, calibration of technology/installation, verification measurements.

Electrical Engineering division


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