Standby Supply Source EZZT

EZZT is supply system that delivers uninterrupted supply voltage with high level of reliability. The source delivers 230 V AC directly from AC input voltage with electronic bypass or voltage is generated by static inverter that is supplied from batteries with rated voltage 110 or 220 V. Two identical inverters are used for higher reliability - one as a operating and the second one as a reserve. Switching between operation from the inverter and from the AC network or between two inverters is immediate. Option "preference" can adjust loading priority through bypass or converter.

The source operation is controlled automatically. User can follow measured quantities and configuration with control panel with display and keyboard.

Output power is in range from 2.5 kVA up to several tens of kVA.

EZZT sources represent high-quality substitution of rotary and static inverters. Its technical parameters fulfil all requirements for the quality of standby supply, frequency stability, voltage and other parameters. Control unit allows flexible adjustment of control and regulation parameters to the given application. ELCOM universal combination of static supply sources allows not only exact substitution of random supply sources but also create completely new conception of supply sources that fulfil the toughest requirements.