Regulated DC power supply

Power supply with DC output voltage to produce units to tens of kW.
They have wide use such as power plating equipment, the production of tantalum capacitors, etc.



  • The output voltage is stabilized by the feedback controller
  • Current limit – the output voltage decreases in case of over current condition
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • 150% short-time overload (for 1 min)
  • Operation time counter
  • The display is also used to error reporting
  • Automatic restart after a recovery from fault condition
  • Blocking unwanted changes parameters using the user password
  • The control panel allows switching on / off output, selectable output voltage and a complete set of parameters
  • Diagnostic sources using four-row display (see eg.: output voltage, current, power, operating hours, etc.)
  • PC-based diagnostic and setup


  • Regulated DC power supply ESZP Download