Dynamic power factor correction

Dynamic power factor correction can eliminate many disadvantages that still occur in conventional electromechanical compensation devices.
Conventional systems operate using contactors for connect capacitors to the network. The switching time is influenced by the discharge time of capacitor, which is higher than 1 minute.

Dynamic systems such as electronic thyristor modules, which produces ELCOM company, are replacing slow electromechanical switches.


Advantages of dynamic power factor correction

  • Reduction of reactive power and lower energy costs, even with rapidly changing loads
  • Switching times shorter than 7 ms
  • Save costs for investment in new electrical equipment (low voltage main distribution, power distribution equipment, cable diameters, etc.)
  • Stabilization of supply voltage (for example, nearly zero voltage drop used in welding equipment)
  • Reducing flicker
  • Switching without transients
  • Longer service life of power factor correction system
  • Longer service life of terminal equipment


Typical use

  • Welding equipment
  • Industrial presses
  • Industrial cranes
  • Elevators in high rise buildings

Dynamic compensation device is applied, where required fast, trouble-free switching, and where the original equipment with these new requirements no longer meet. Dynamic compensation equipment with modern thyristor modules and intelligent controllers provide power factor correction in applications with rapid load changes.