Auxiliary sources of railway vehicles

Inverter for metro cars emergency ventilation

Static inverter powered from a battery 110 V for driving emergency ventilation fans with asynchronous motors in metro cars.


  • Sine-wave PWM technology
  • Soft-start for motors, realized by output voltage ramp
  • Output voltage feedback control
  • Current limit – the output voltage decreases in case of over current condition
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • Automatic restart after a recovery from fault condition
  • 150% short-time overload (for 1 min)
  • Operation time counter
  • Floating contacts for operation state indication
  • Not isolated between input and output
  • PC-based diagnostic and setup

Inverter control

Start of the inverter is either automatically with defined delay after power on or by external input signal.
Several preset working points also can be selected by external digital signals. The working points are defined by the output voltage and frequency.


  • Openable lacquered stainless steel cabinet
  • Connection via connectors (ILME or Harting)
  • The diagnostic line is attached using D-SUB9M connector
  • Precise specification will be agreed during implementation

The devices meet these standards

  • EN 50155
  • EN 50121
  • EN 61373


  • Inverter power supply for metro cars emergency ventilation Download