Multi-voltage-level Source EVMZ-2

EVZM-2 is special high voltage source designed for the testing stations of electrical carriages and locomotives. The biggest advantage is integration of different voltage levels that are used in rail vehicles all over the world into one device.
EVZM-2 allows supply these voltage levels:

  • 25 kV / 50 Hz
  • 15 kV / 16, 66 Hz
  • 3 kV / 50 Hz
  • 1 kV / 16, 66 Hz
  • 4 kV DC

The source is composed of two main parts: the input filter rack and itself Multi-voltage-level Source. Multi-voltage-level Source is realized in sheet steel box container, which is divided in two basic areas: the area of low voltage (LV) and area high voltage (HV). Access to individual space is only for authorized and qualified service provided through the lockable double doors with the handle.

To order performance:

  • 120 kVA
  • 200 kVA
  • 500 kVA
  • 1000 kVA
  • 1500 kVA


  • Multi-voltage-level Source EVMZ-2 Download