Regulated power source - power supply system for motor testing

Voltage power source for testing one or three-phase electrical machines and devices with nominal frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz or customable frequency.


The device can perform the following tests:

  • Automated test no load - with a nominal voltage of the motor no-load rotor
  • Automated test a short - with reduced voltage and rated current, the blocked rotor
  • Measurement HeatRun characteristics*
  • Load tests at constant voltage*
  • Load tests at constant torque Dynamic or QuasiStatic Tests (torque-speed characteristic)

*Note: assumes the reciprocal control of dynamometer


Secondary use:

  • Power supply for brakes
  • Independent power supply fan
  • Input voltage for step-up HV source
  • Excitation magnetic field (current mode)

Frequency inverter is controlled either manually by using the controller or by the control computer through and serial link. Measurement electrical parameters (voltage, current, power,...) is transmitted to the control computer with serial communications. The great advantage of these resources is a sinusoidal output voltage.



  • The output voltage is stabilized by the feedback controller
  • The source is a function of limit current, which means that after the alarm current will be reduce the output voltage
  • Output supply is short circuit proof
  • When resources are running, the output voltage and frequency increased continuously with adjustable ramp and during the whole process are programmable
  • Braking is activated by motor deceleration ram
  • When braking, you can choose from two option, where excess energy is directed: a) to the dissipation resistors or b) recovery to the network
  • Source is designed for power asynchronous motors at no-load, short circuit tests and other tests
  • The input source is included in the filter circuit to reduce the adverse impact on the supply network
  • On the door of device is a control and diagnostic panel that allows manual control of supplies - on and off the output, selectable output voltage and a complete set of parameters. At start of the converter the four-line display is used to present the selected measured values (such as output voltage, current, power, etc). The display also used for diagnostics and error reporting about the source. With a user password can block unwanted change parameters.


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