Power Plant Monitoring System - PPMS

The Power Plant Monitoring (PPM) system is a global system for visualization and monitoring of distributed Power Plants from different vendors. The main focus of the system is to establish a dispatching center for quick response to the failure of a Power Plant. The system will allow customers to overview their power plants via the World Wide Web using a web based application.


Power Plant Monitoring - PPM



The monitoring system of solar power plants has two main parts:

The whole system is designed in a way that all activities associated with power plant operation are made under the dispatchers control, which plans maintenance and service of the power plant in case of its failure.



The power plant is monitored by the dispatcher who performs several tasks.

  • Continuously monitors the power plant (inverters, sensors and electrical parts)
  • Evaluates the legitimacy of the alarms caused by the power plant operation
  • If necessary calls the service organization
  • Writes reports and billing information
  • Plans maintenance (maintains and controls the power plant)


Customer web application

  • Main operating data (performance, revenues, exposure, ...)
  • Alarms
  • Alarm Reports (technical solution and related service costs)
  • Maintenance Reports



The Dispatcher application serves for power plant monitoring. The dispatcher can monitor alarms and events occurring at power plants. The user can follow values from power plants in different graphics and manage service and maintenance reports. The dispatcher can also monitor important values through the internet on web pages.


Power Plant Monitoring - PPM


Monitored data can be showed as:

  • power plant information,
  • reports,
  • alarms,
  • time graph (Chart T), value graph (Chart V), table


The Dispatcher application allows the dispatcher to monitor and check values and manage generated events and/or alarms. The alarms list contains basic information about alarms and their severity shown by a background color. The system allows 5 levels of alarm severity. Alarms and events can be variously defined: calculated, manually described and measured (source events).


Power Plant Monitoring - PPM


Sunny Guard System – web application for customers

The web application for customers allows using all the advantages of the internet and World Wide Web to have their power plant under control 24/7. It shows the actual state of the power plant and selected values. The customer also can compare aggregated values in time and download values to a local PC in csv format for advanced analysis.


Power Plant Monitoring - PPM


Mobile client

SGSmobile1 thumb SGSmobile2 thumb


Technologies and software

All parts of this application are based on Microsoft© technologies. The Administrator, Dispatcher and Web application are developed in Microsoft© tools.

SGS Server  
Operation system Windows Server 2003 Standard
SQL server Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
WWW server IIS 7.0
Requirements .NET Framework 4.0
Operation system Windows XP and higher
Requirements .NET Framework 4.0
Operation system Windows XP and higher
Requirements .NET Framework 4.0