Custom Device Drivers

The Custom device driver is used to control nonstandard devices or to standardize a device's API (for instance the driver can implement the GigE Vision interface to camera, which does not natively support GigE Vision standard). Either standardized or tailor made API allows the integration of a custom device to any other tool and programming environment (for instance implement support for a particular camera in imaging software, like MetaMorph, ImageJ and ImagePro Premier).

If a pure software solution is not suitable for any reason, a hardware interface is possible to be delivered. For instance, if a conversion of an older protocol, utilizing RS232 needs to be converted to a newer protocol utilizing USB, a hardware box might be a convenient solution, if the controller cannot use a USB.

Such a driver not only saves time and effort, but also corrects the modular, layered structure of the test program, in which it is utilized.