Tested parameters

Dimensions and shapes of components

The dimensions and shapes of components or parts, including length, diameters and radii, angles relative to the rotational elements of the product. The measurements are carried out either by contact methods (eg. using gauges) or using contactless methods (camera or laser encoder / distance).


These are the colors of parts of articles, printing, cables, fabrics, but also as fruit or pills. It can be color illuminating objects, such as LEDs. The measurement is done using a camera system and a relative, pattern matching, respectively modeled image.

The surface texture.

Determination of surface quality based on an image of the surface of the camera. The image is then processed by mathematical algorithms that use a range of criteria assigned to the character of the surface: roughness / grain, matte / gloss, defects in the texture...

Brightness luminous elements

For light bulbs, LED displays, fiber optics, also the projection of light on the screen at the correct distance. These measurements are made by photo detector (phototransistor), or camera.

The presence of elements.

Detectors are used in contact, inductive or optical sensors, or cameras. The detectors determine the presence of mechanical parts, screws, rods, springs, keys, clipping bolts, connectors...

The presence of undesirable defects.

These are usually detected by the camera and the subsequent image analysis. Typical defects are burrs, blemishes, bubbles in the glass, knots in the fabric, dust and dead pixels in LCD displays, deformed threads, etc.


Images which are taken by camera are used for OCR algorithms to convert the text and the subsequent testing of different content.

Electrical Specifications

Their measurement is generally carried out using measuring instruments or DAQ cards. Measured quantities are the voltage levels of current, power, electrical properties of devices.

Physical parameters

Among the measured physical parameters include temperature, pressure / vacuum leaks, flow media, weight, strength, force required to manipulate the controls, noise, vibration, thickness of thin layers (paint).

Communication with the product

Communication with the product may include setting the operating conditions in products, reading or writing of the data contents of the internal memory products. Identifying the communication protocol correctness product interface can be Ethernet, CAN, RS - 232, K-Line, I2C, MODBUS, LIN, EtherCAT...