ENA-Node firmware of ELCOM Network Analyzers

The ENA analyzer hardware models have defined power quality analyzer features such as the number of voltage and current inputs, voltage and current ranges, power supply level, etc.

Other ENA power quality analyzer features such as evaluated quantities, stored data type and communication protocols are defined by instrument firmware. All models of the ENA family use a unified data format and have identical user interfaces. ENA analyzers firmware called ENA-Node fully complies with international standards defining power quality measurement methods and other national-specific documents:

  • IEC 61000-4-30 "Power quality measurement methods“, class A
  • IEC EN 61000-4-7 "Guide on harmonics measurements"
  • IEC EN 61000-4-15 "Flickermeter"
  • EN 50160 "Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public distribution systems"


ENA-Node firmware functionality

ENA firmware contains several measurement modules running in parallel:

  • FFT analyzer
  • Vectorscope, Oscilloscope
  • Power and Energy monitor
  • EN50160 Voltage monitor including Flickermeter
  • Symmetrical components analyzer of 3-phase system
  • Power Network Impedance analyzer
  • Half-period RMS monitor
  • Transient Recorder and Fault Recorder
  • Voltage Telegrams & Alarms
  • Digital Inputs


Only a few ENA models have a limited number of measurement modules. All noted functionalities are applicable to a 50 or 60 Hz power system. Since the ENA-Node has no graphical user interface, it must be controlled through the ENA-Touch application locally or remotely.