ENA-SCADA system allows :


  • Simultaneous display of on-line data on multiple user consoles
  • Simultaneous display of on-line data from multiple connected instruments
  • Tailor-made user interface designed according to the user requirements
  • Open connection to other SCADA systems
  • Automatic upload of on-line data from analyzers to central storage (optionally to SQL server)
  • Analysis of off-line data stored on a central storage by ENA-Report (optionally by ENA-Web)
  • User access rights management (for viewing of on-line data, configuration of analyzers, ...)



bk-elcom ENA-SCADA Web


ENA-SCADA-Server is a service running on a server PC. ENA-SCADA-Server runs in the OS background and communicates with analyzers and clients via TCP/IP protocol. ENA-SCADA-Server automatically uploads data from analyzers to a central storage location and provides access to stored data for other applications. ENA-SCADA-Server primarily serves as a gateway for all other software applications communicating with the connected analyzers.


ENA-SCADA-Client is a front-end user interface software for ENA analyzers networked in a distributed system. ENA-SCADA-Client can have a tailor-made graphical user interface. ENA-SCADA-Client simultaneously displays on-line data from several connected analyzers and provides access to the ENA-Touch application (on-line monitoring and configuration of measurement system) and ENA-Report (off-line data analysis).


bk-elcom BK-SCADA-Client 1


bk-elcom BK-SCADA-Client 2


bk-elcom BK-SCADA-Client 3


bk-elcom BK-SCADA-Client 4