ENA-Touch control of ELCOM Network Analyzer

ENA-Touch is an application designed for complete control of ENA-Node, an ENA power quality analyzer firmware. ENA-Touch allows users to configure measurement parameters, display on-line data and download historical data. The application was developed with special attention to easy touch-screen operation.

The graphical interface is very intuitive and brings high user comfort. The excellent data presentation capabilities include simple overviews of all basic quantities, advanced screens with detailed graphical views of different quantities and user-defined views with selected quantities and display styles. The available display styles are numeric indicators, time and frequency domain graphs, vector diagrams, trending graphs etc.

bk-elcom ENA Touch

Along with continuous data acquisition and aggregation, the instrument is capable of detecting pre-configured events that occur at measured signals. ENA-Touch allows user to define multiple event conditions such as quantity limits, hysteresis or phase angles in simple user interface. All types of defined event conditions are shown in one neatly-arranged on-line table with a capability of filtering conditions by type or phase. ENA-Touch allows users to configure every measurement parameter, starting from the input terminal connection up to the EN50160 limits, storing parameters, instrument’s name etc. When ENA-Touch runs remotely (on external PC connected to ENA hardware via ethernet) it allows downloading of stored data for further analysis. ENA-Touch uses ethernet and TCP/IP protocol for communication with ENA hardware. Some models allow serial line communication.


This ENA-Touch training course introduces you to most important functions and features of ENA Power Quality Analyzers.


1st part

ENA-Touch - Analyzer setup (1st part)

2nd part

ENA-Touch - Display of on-line measured data (2nd part)

3th part

ENA-Touch - Setup and display of events (3rd part)

4th part

ENA-Touch - Storing and Downloading of measurement data (4th part)