The Adjusted pneumatic pantograph - AX - 043 NG kit includes insulators, equipped with inductive sensors mounted on the measuring head at equidistant distances. The measurement of the trolley height is realized by position sensors mounted on the mechanism collector (2 per pantograph head and 1 on the support arm). The signals of all sensors are processed by a digitizing unit with an output to the optical line. The optical line for connecting the measuring unit on the pantograph with the connection point on the roof of the vehicle is included in the set. The system includes the industrial panel computer AP8AN compliant with EN50155 resistive touch screen, equipped with Ethernet and CAN interfaces 24 V, which will be pre-installed with software for recording time data from sensors and their subsequent export to a text file. The panel PC will be connected to the data output from the GPS unit and a data output from the control system of the vehicle MVTV2 (GPS station, the vehicle control system MVTV2 and interconnecting cables not included).