The SAVAS system consists of a hardware system comprised of measuring sensors and an evaluation unit. It also consists of software that provides configuration and measurement functions.

The measurement system hardware can be based on National Instruments CompactRIO or PXI platforms or on a PC platform. The The CompactRIO platform is a compact unit with a real-time operating system, the sole function of which is the measurement of noise and vibration. On platforms PXI and PC the system can be constructed as a separate SAVAS measuring device like the CompactRIO platform or integrated into other (and existing) systems by adding the appropriate input/output cards and installing the appropriate software SAVAS.

The software components of the system consist of a measuring SAVAS application that performs the measurement and evaluation of measured signals and a configuration application that lets the user configure measurement tasks. The system also comes with a SAVAS set of libraries that enable the integration of SAVAS into application development environments developed in LabVIEW and TestStand from National Instruments.