The monitoring of sensors inside the structure or surface structure and their possible location based on the recommendation of designers and structural engineers.

For monitoring of buildings and structures sensors are most commonly used which scan dimensional deformation, element structure and temperature. The most common types of sensors that our system is able to connect are classical strain gauges, resistance and string strain gauges. The typical temperature sensor for measuring this type are thermocouples.

The monitored phenomena are:

  • dynamic behavior caused by wind, traffic or construction activities,
  • long-term trends caused by aging and degradation of the structure.

The signals of each sensor cable are sent to the data center or secondary concentrators. The numbers of concentrators, i.e. their use, depends on the size of the monitored structure. The transfer of data from the concentrator to the central computer is done by cable or wireless Ethernet. The central computer serves as a gateway for data transmission to the historical data store for the transmission of data to remote clients to monitor the on-going measurement.