The concentrators of the measuring system are constructed based on National Instruments CompactRIO, which is a real-time system using FPGA that is programmed in the higher programming language ​​- LabVIEW.

The central computer is used to collect data from the concentrators to the store and delivery to client computers. Client computers in place of the reference object have the opportunity to look at signals in real time while downloading a time table of selected signals.


  • The system is divided into a distributed portion formed by cRIO subsystems
  • The various components of the distributed system cRIO communicate with each other via EtherCAT protocol (deterministic, with precise timing)
  • System management, data processing and storage is carried out by the controller NI 3110
  • The controller is the gateway for data acquisition and the control system using extended client applications running on a PC, located anywhere on the local network or the Internet