Test systems of automotive lights perform measurements on one or more pieces of product at a time. They are designed to test one type of product, or several of its variants. The placement of test systems in the context of factory and production organization dedicated production systems can be divided into:

  • Test systems that are part of the production lines
  • Detached test systems

The essential parts of these testers are usually a control computer, camera lenses, an optical system for shortening the beam, a projection screen and the electronic and mechanical design. For the stand -alone test system the operator inserts the product by hand. The tester is either one replaceable test bed for testing different types of product, or carousel tester with several positions where each position performs a different type of test. The operator controls the tester using the buttons, the touch screen or the keyboard. Test systems that are part of the production line tend to have a passage structure so that the product tested automatically passes on the conveyor system. The tester is normally unmanned with fully automatic functions.