ELCOM, a.s. has long specialized in designing and manufacturing testers based on camera systems. In this field we have unique know-how, including electro-mechanical solutions and software equipment test systems. In addition, our company is a sales representative for many foreign component manufacturers of machine vision systems, which are a key part of test systems for the control of description and printing. With the ability to have direct consultations with manufacturers of cameras, lenses, filters and other components, we are able to design performance- and cost- optimal solution for a specific application, or provide custom modification of factory components with full guarantees.

Test parameters

Among the important parameters for the description and control of printing include:

  • Readability of characters
  • Character size
  • Color characters and background
  • Recognizing graphic elements such as logos, symbols ...
  • Location and orientation of the title block or labels
  • Speed ​​control