VALEO - Development of the test set consisting of electronic modules

Camera and testing software for HVAC control panels X44 and PL3, Development of the test set consisting of electronic modules, camera and testing software for testing control panels for car heating, ventilation and airconditioning control panels X44 and PL3. The electronic test modules use a universal sandwich design with two PCBs, one on the top of the other. Channels are grouped according to functionality. Individual groups support various combinations of measuring voltage, current (both Amps and uAmps), frequency and voltage or frequency generation. Channels use semiconductor switches or reed relays to create different measuring schemes on multifunction channels. The camera performs tests of the display and illumination elements on the panel surface. The software application is running on the tester PC and is developed in TestStand, some libraries developed in LabWindows/CVI and camera tests written in LabVIEW.

Realization: Virtual Instrumentation division