Secop s.r.o. - Test stand for insepction of compressors and run-up elements

Inspection equipment for functional testing of compressors and run-up elements. Stand consists of pneumatic and electrical part. High flexibility of the power source and the measurement circuits allows configuration according to customer needs - functional testing (of compressors, run-up relais, ePTC elements, etc.) and data logging for further processing. Pneumatic parameters: compressor suction pressure measurement (0-2 bar), suction pressure control (0-2 bar), output pressure (0-20 bar), compressor displacement (200 l/min). Electrical parameters: power source selection (0-300 V AC/45-65 Hz, 0-60 V DC), resistance measurement (0-3 Mohm), current and voltage measurement sampling (10 kS/s), high voltage test (4 kV, 10 mA), vibration measurement.

Realization: Virtual Instrumentation division