ThyssenKrupp Uhde GmbH - Design, manufacturing and commissioning of High Speed Datalogging System

The purpose of the HSDL is to monitor operation of two Low Density Polyethylene reactors. The HSDL is acquiring 140 voltage, current and thermocouple channels and 60 digital channels at a sampling rate 1 kHz per channel. It also detects configurable events on any channel or channels combination. The core of HSDL is built around National Instruments products. The HSDL is using three SCXI signal conditioning chassis and one fully loaded PXI data acquisition system. The data acquisition sample clock is generated by PXI-6608 Timing module synchronized with GPS. The acquired data are stored on a Hewlett&Packard RAID5 server. The HSDL software is written in LabVIEW. It allows to configure all features of HSDL, performs acquisition, event detection and processing and view data in many different forms for easy analysis.

Realization: Virtual Instrumentation division