Atrea, s.r.o. - Laboratory for Blower and Recuperation Unit Measurements and Testing (Atrea, Atrea, s.r.o., 2002)

Design of pressure chamber, design and delivery of power supply, control and monitoring system (software and hardware). Design and delivery of an unique converter for power supply and control of a wide range of 1- and 3 phase blowers. Design and delivery of control switch board comprising of an industrial PC, distributed data acquisition system FieldPoint™ by National Instruments, measuring instruments, converter for a secondary blower, and more. Design of pressure chamber including precise measuring instrumentation and converters. Design and development of control SCADA application (automatic/manual run, data acquisition and analysis, data storage). Implementation of advanced mathematic functions for calculation of e.g. p-V diagram and efficiency according to ISO 5801:1997(E).

Realization: Virtual Instrumentation division