Robert Bosch, s.r.o. - Monitoring System

This instrument is based on the concept of the compact portable measuring system platform ENA500 which represents a new generation of multichannel measuring systems with embedded computers. The protection level is IP42. Signal connections are made using protective screw connectors AMPHENOL C16-1/3 with protection IP65. Channel type and range is selected using a proper pin within the connector. The system connectors of the instrument 1xRS 232, 1xRS232/485, 2xUSB, 1xEthernet a 1xVGA are located under a removable cover on the rear side of the instrument with protection level IP64. The instrument processes analog voltage and current signals in frequency range 0..10 kHz. The number of analog inputs is 16. Galvanically isolated and analog-filtered signals are digitized by National Instruments PCI-6040E data acquisition device. The software application of the measuring system is VI Logger from National Instruments.

Realization: Virtual Instrumentation division