LEM - Instrument-Side Ethernet+GPIB Cards for Standalone Instrument

This card is built on the design of the already developed GPIB-only card. The card combines GPIB and Ethernet communication. Only one of the interfaces is active at a time. The ethernet part uses the Realtek RTL8201BL ethernet transmitter and chip with hardwired implementation of the TCP/IP protocol from Wiznet. The glue logic between Wiznet chip and instrument's internal bus is realized using CPLD chip. The software driver for the interface cards was developed for the operating system MQX of the instrument. The driver supports communication with the Wiznet chip using PIO in both directions. The driver is a part of the instrument firmware. The maximum transfer rate of this GPIB interface is 1,5 MB/sec. The card was developed in 2003, since then over 100 cards have been manufactured and delivered.

Realization: Virtual Instrumentation division