Railway Power Supplies

  • Power supply station safety equipment

    Power supply station interlocking devices are designed to safely power 75 Hz track circuits and 275 Hz used in the Czech and Slovak Railways. Operating frequencies of all the individual frequency converters are generally selectable range from 0.2 Hz to 300 Hz with a resolution of 0.2 Hz.

  • Testing Multi-voltage-level Source

    Testing Multi-voltage-level Source EVMZ are special high-voltage source for testing of electrically powered rail vehicles (electric locomotives). The advantage of these resources is the integration of all possible occurring types of traction power supply voltages, which are used to track vehicles around the world into one device.
  • Auxiliary sources of railway vehicles

    Auxiliary power supply systems for rail vehicles consist of a pulse converter on the input side, 3-phase inverter at the output and control unit.

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